By Ernie Moore on Friday, April 29, 2011
After another of the “head-fakes” by the Palestinian Authority goes nowhere, they send out PLO Secretary General Yasser Abed Rabbo to try to save face. It might work with the UN, but those of us who are experienced M.E. watchers know the truth.


Yasser Abed Rabbo

Almost four years ago former Israeli National Security Chief Giora Eiland told me that “neither side really wants peace.” That little stunner sure got my attention. As we talked, he smiled and said, “Here’s why I say that....
By Ernie Moore on Thursday, April 28, 2011
And there is more on the way. With Egypt seriously discussing turning off the spigots to Israel’s supply of gas from their resources, don’t think the Holy Land will be destitute of its own supplies.


Leviatnan Gas rig (Photo by: Albatross)

When President Hosni Mubarak was taken from office, many changes in the agreements between Israel and Egypt were in flux. One of those was the sale of natural gas by Egypt. Today there is some doubt as to whether those sales will continue. But fear...
By Ernie Moore on Wednesday, April 27, 2011
(Tongue in cheek headline) As we wrote in a Barnabus Briefing not long ago, the Palestinians will probably not have a real second intifada.


President Mahmoud Abbas

In a J-Post article by Khaled Abu Toameh recently the PA President said during an interview in Tunisia (the former location of the PLO Headquarters), that he “will not accept” a third intifada (uprising).

“On Tuesday Abbas said: ‘We are counting on the words of US President Barack Obama who said his vision is to...
By Ernie Moore on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
It’s a bit of psycho-babble, but mostly it makes sense. Ben Shapiro exposes the raw nerve that has catapulted Donald Trump into the Presidential campaign headlines. As he says, “We have an ideological problem in our midst, and no amount of digging in Kenya and Indonesia is going to solve a problem that now starts right here.”

clip_image002 With the likes of Charles Krauthammer and others calling Trump a clown and emails surging across America with hundreds (millions?) of people believing that Obama is not...
By Ernie Moore on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
There is an old Chinese proverb that says “Before we can negotiate we must define terms.”

Nowhere is that more important than in a discussion of “Christianity” in Israel.


First, read this paragraph from an op-ed by Giulio Meotti on

“The numbers are telling. Today there is only one Middle Eastern country where the number of Christians has grown: Israel. As documented in the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the Christian community that numbered 34,000 people...
By Ernie Moore on Monday, April 25, 2011
With Israeli friends who know Syria and its people telling me that they are a friendly and open people, and with the news filled with reports of the numbers of protesters murdered on the rise, we offer this report from a friend of David Horovitz’ who studied there.


Fridays are the primary days for mass protests. The reason is that Fridays in the Arab nations are like Sundays in the States. It is the day of going to the mosque for prayers. And a day off from work. There may or may not be...
By Ernie Moore on Monday, April 25, 2011
When Moses brought back the Hebrews from Egypt the bones of Joseph were also returned to Israel. They were interred in a tomb in Nablus / Schechem.


Settlers are no different than Israelis anyplace else in Israel except that they have both Jews and Arabs hating them. The left’s Israelis believe they are a different breed of people because they hold the opinion that there is a “greater Israel.”

In other words they believe that the area of Israel that God gave Abraham should be the real nation of Israel. That, of course,...
By Ernie Moore on Sunday, April 24, 2011
It could be the surprise of the year. Arabs own more privately held land than Israelis. How can this be?


Imagine our surprise at this piece on who owns the land!

In case you are doing your own survey, here is the article:

Surprise: Most of Israel's Pre 1967 Private Land Held by Arabs

Nissan 10, 5771, 14 April 11 07:14

by Gil Ronen

( Arabs possess most of the private land in Israel, despite their composing only 20% of the population,...
By Ernie Moore on Saturday, April 23, 2011
That is the punch line of a joke told in Israel about a yeshiva student in a new suit who met his rabbi on the street. Non-Israelis and those unfamiliar with the Hassidic community never quite get it.


Hassidic couple and 9.5 children

I don’t have a dog in this fight. If Israel wants to pay welfare to the Hassidic men for studying that is Israel’s business. I will tell you however, that the secular Israelis are not happy with the fact that most Hassidic men do not serve in the military...
By Ernie Moore on Saturday, April 23, 2011
“Danon favors responding to a Palestinian declaration of statehood by annexing all of Area C, which includes all the West Bank's Jewish settlements and empty land. He said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should follow the example of his predecessors Levi Eshkol, who annexed eastern Jerusalem, and Menachem Begin, who annexed the Golan Heights.” (J-Post)


For over two years the Palestinians have waltzed around peace talks with Israel. They couldn’t come to the table (after Obama brought it...
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