By Ernie Moore on Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Israel security people are famous for two things their excellence in doing their job, and at times, their lack of concern about the hurting the feelings of those people they deal with.

NOTICE: I have been on the receiving end of this – once. Years ago I was traveling into Israel alone. They hassled me at Newark and they hassled me when I left two months later from Ben Gurion. It was so bad that an airline employee noted it and took me to a VIP check in lane when they finally finished with me.

BUT this was right after 9/11 and everyone was on edge.

With that singular exception the security people have been fair, fast as possible and friendly. And that means both in the US and in Israel.

Over the years as I’ve written about security personnel in general, and airport people specifically I have mentioned one thing… they are looking for murderers. Their job is not to spot a teenager with a plastic bag of marijuana. They are intent upon grabbing someone who is intent on killing people aboard...
By Ernie Moore on Monday, April 26, 2010
You do a good deed that you certainly are not expected to do. The results are in and a life was saved. But then there is not only not any gratitude shown but not even an honorable mention when the story is told.


See this article from our friends at Israel Today:


Sunday, April 25, 2010 Israel Today Staff

Israel saves life of top Hamas official's daughter

Israel at the weekend saved the life of the three-year-old daughter of a top Gaza-based Hamas leader, though the act of kindness was completely ignored by the terrorist group and regional Arab media.

The girl, daughter of Hamas Interior Minister Elham Fathi Hammad, was the victim of a unsuccessful heart operation in Gaza. She was in critical condition when Jordan's King Abdullah II requested that Israel allow her immediate transport to Amman for emergency surgery.

Israel agreed to the transfer, but the girl was in no condition to travel such a distance, so was first rushed to Barzilai Hospital in the...
By Ernie Moore on Monday, April 26, 2010
When Jesus asked the disciples if they would also reject Him and stop following Him as the masses had when His preaching got too strong for them, their answer was simple… “To whom shall we go, thou hast the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68)  

Don’t think this commentator is in any way comparing President Obama to Jesus Christ. But there is this… Obama’s crowd of followers and supporters who looked to him as some kind of earthly messiah is evaporating. You remember the pre- and post-campaign news articles. The chill running up Matthews’ leg, the Times love-fest, the swooning by Pelosi and Reid. And the fawning crowds at every stop. It was all there in network living color.


Now we are past the election, and in spite of “Bush’s fault” still being spewed by lots of the O-team, America seems to have stopped buying it. The lies, the threats making DC look more and more like Chicago-style politics each week, the sort of true, half true and not in any way true press releases.

Now some...
By Ernie Moore on Saturday, April 24, 2010
You remember the old joke about newspaper headlines? It ain’t news if a dog bites a man, etc.

In the US people who ask me questions about traveling in Israel always want to know, “is it safe?” We assure them that it indeed is safe. In the event that an area might be a trouble spot the tour is rerouted to better areas.

Tourists who have been to Israel repeatedly don’t worry about it much, but their families sometimes do. “We don’t want Momma hurt,” etc.

Well, in Jerusalem today the idea was reversed. A tourist pulled a knife on a priest and two policemen in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It’s inside the Old City in the Christian Quarter and usually filled with tourists.

This isn’t your typical lawyer-filled America, where even Navy Seals are crucified for doing their job when a terrorist complains. When the tourist was told to leave the church at closing time, he refused. When police insisted, he pulled a knife and threatened the priest and the two cops. Just like a tourist to bring...
By Ernie Moore on Thursday, April 22, 2010
The Prime Minister was on with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. As I watched the interview, I had to wonder if Ole George who worked for Clinton was now working for Obama! It wasn’t exactly real clear politics, but it did offer Bibi a chance to address some issues and to clarify a few more.

There are times when it is not what is said, but what is not addressed that one must pay attention to.

You should notice that Bibi doesn’t stumble into the snares laid for him. He stays on message. The video is good.

We have already addressed King Hussein’s comments in early columns, so we will let it pass here.

Thanks to The Israel Project for providing this.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Full Transcript of Interview on "Good Morning America"

By Ernie Moore on Thursday, April 22, 2010
That’s exactly what President Obama did. And Mark Steyn, one of National Review’s wordsmiths took him to task for it.

Ah, but Mark, you seem to have forgotten that with this Presidency, image is the pinnacle of power. Forget about reality. Forget about the fact that Iranian lunatics are mouthing about destroying the world, beginning with Israel and then quickly moving on to the United States.

So what?! Words mean nothing to this regime! Well, unless they are spoken by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or some tea party attender.

The truth is that holding hands with a bunch of foreign leaders and singing Qum ba Ya with Obama leading on the chorus is not a serious meeting. In fact if you look at the days since, there has been very little coming from the White House.

As Steyn said, “Granted that almost all of Obama’s exciting, innovative “change we can believe in” turns out to have been exhumed direct from the sclerotic Seventies to stagger around like a rotting zombie in polyester bell-bottoms...
By Ernie Moore on Wednesday, April 21, 2010
You have already seen the new face of And there is a lot more. First a heartfelt thank you to our new webmaster Steve. He is a pro, dedicated to the Lord, and to making the best it can be.

Also we need to express our appreciation to the first man who worked so professionally and determinedly to get us established, working properly and to training yours truly in how to keep it up and running. Jim has moved into work that precludes any further involvement. We are still great friends, and words will never suffice to say how we Praise the Lord for him.

Knowing that we needed an updated look, newer technology, etc. we began praying for someone who would take the task to heart and we found Steve. He has the great task before him of teaching me the ropes so I can do the day to day posting, etc.



Now you won’t be just getting weekly news and commentary. When there is news and we are near a keyboard, we can deliver it...
By Ernie Moore on Saturday, April 17, 2010
I think the DC bunch need to get some jeans on, ride in a used car and visit the countryside.

This week they came out with the idea that, and I quote, "Home-grown and lone-wolf extremists pose an equally serious threat." That was FBI chief Robert Mueller.

No kiddin’? You mean that I got it right in all the Jake Crabtree series novels? In those we proposed that if they are out to kill Americans, destroy our nation and otherwise do dirty deeds they needed put down, whether they were imported or home grown. Now the top Feeb is saying the same thing.

What makes me and lots of folks like me nervous is the fact that the Homeland Defense folks, on down don’t seem to be able to distinguish terrorists from people who believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution. They seem to be troubled by all of us who cling to our guns and our religion, who have served in the Armed Forces, etc.

Perhaps if enough good folks get out and vote this year and in the coming elections we can put some civilians...
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