"This Week In Israel"

The Barnabus Broadcasting Network Presents What's Really Happening

In the Middle East and What's Likely To Happen Next?!

Dr. Ernie Moore's the source for cutting-edge commentary on Middle East event, insights and prognostications. Regardless of whether you want to know about Israel, the Palestinians or the other nations in the area, this is the place.

Owner of BarnabusPress.com as well as Israel Bureau Chief for other U.S. radio networks, Dr. Moore spices up his reports on events and people with his own particular perspectives.

You will feel Israel's heat on your back and the sun in your eyes when you by listen to Ernie Moore share what's happening and what's likely to happen on "This Week in Israel."

Listeners have written, "He's definitely worth a listen!"

"I wouldn't miss his program for anything!"

You can get "This Week in Israel" on your local radio station too. Just ask your Station Manager to contact Ernie by email and make arrangements now.



if you have an English speaking group in Israel or the US that would like to have Ernie address them on current events, the American-Israel connections or even how to come visit Israel as part of a group tour, get in touch today!

 With decades of experience, knowledgeable contacts inside Israel, and a love for sharing, Ernie Moore is your eyes and ears on what's really going on in Israel. With insightful commentary on the news of the day; what's behind the story, and a view on the news from an "old Israel hand," you will get cutting edge information that is right the first time - every time.

  • We include conservative perspectives on US events too, particularly when they impact the ME.
  • 50 Nations regularly tune in to www.BarnabusPress.com including Iran, China, most Middle East Nations, Australia and lots of other places. Our largest audiences are in the US, Israel, Canada and Britain.
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