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Jake Crabtree adventures are peopled with folks that readers come to love. As one fan wrote us, "I just love that Jake!" What's to love? How about a tight-knit family, loyalty to his beliefs and his country, and courage not just bravery.


The series has all kind of evil-doers. Three of Osama's terrorist offspring and others. Perhaps two who are destined to become the anti-Christ and his satanic partner are more to your disliking. They are all here for you. And all out to get Jake and his team. 


Places we know well, and share with our readers.


If you like action stories that are rich with believable plots and heroes you will fall in love with you will love the Jake Crabtree Series! Based on reality that takes you along for the ride.  

You'll fall in love with the characters, believe the plots came off your daily news shows and thank God that there are real live heroes protecting America like the folks we write about. As we travel and speak our fans tell us that they can't wait until the next one is released. That's heart-warming for any writer.


A different kind of cowboy, Steele Morgan hails from Southern Illinois, served in the Civil War and like many men, drifted afterwards. He's not another pretty face, this man is also a gunsmith can could even make the Colts of his day better. Ride with him as he returns to the land where he put down roots. Written to pay tribute to family, with drama, adventure, and learn about the man who was there long before Jake Crabtree came along. 

Gunslingers, Indians, and characters that will entertain you. This is the westerns for those who want more than trail dust in their nostrils. You are gonna love Steele Morgan.


Addressing some of today's most important cultural and Christian issues is not something Dr. Ernie Moore has ever shied away from. As a preacher, lecturer, teacher and public speaker, he has always met people's needs from the Biblical worldview.

He does it again with his latest work on the issue of Second Amendment Rights for Americans. Read it and find historical and thought-provoking perspectives.

We hope you enjoy reading them on your KINDLE!

Drs. Ernie & Wanda Moore

Dr. Ernie Moore is the radio voice of the Barnabuspress Broadcasting Network, Bureau Chief for two US radio networks (one a Fox News station), and the wordsmith behind www.BarnabusPress.com which provides their worldwide readers with up to the minute news and salty commentary so they can become familiar with the personalities, the problems in the Middle East, and even a few predictions.

He and his lovely wife of forty-six years, Wanda, have traveled and lived in Israel since 1986. They moved to Israel in 2006, and divide their time between Israel, the United States, and where ever the events in their lives and their Lord direct.

Typically Ernie does the writing and Wanda and her team of editors polish and provide insights that make these novels both readable and exciting. the stories provide their fans with characters, plots and thrills that keep them up late into the night.

Jake Crabtree returns to Israel but not before he faces a new threat at home. And this time it wasn't even his fault. 

Then a new Mossad Director wants Jake back and out in the open. He's a human target and after the most unusual of people. An Israeli traitor. 

Surrounded by his own security team and another from Mossad won't keep Jake out of danger. Real, gut-twisting danger.

And how does he deal with two women that he loves? This is new ground for Jake.


Jake Crabtree was vaulted from the life of a DIA agent assigned to Israel into an undercover op where he would be portraying a high roller. His task? To capture Osama’s American-born daughter who heads a dual network of US terrorists and another from al Qaeda.

Oscar Wilde said that life imitates art. But this time life shifted Jake from the DIA into high finance and intrigue where he continues the hunt for terrorists, killers and traitors. The only real change was that now he and his Solutions.com team are their own bosses. Paired with Israel’s Mossad they continue to take down the bad guys and gals – if they can stay alive.

This time it’s sanction-breakers. This time Jake is out of deep cover and into the sights of Russians and Israelis who want him dead.

Add to that the progress of a man who will eventually become the anti-Christ and his evil doers.

As these people move into a convergence the danger, the intrigue and suspense will keep you awake way past bedtime.

With gun-grabbers attempting to take the moral high ground in the debate over gun control, this work presents both historical and biblical evidence that denies them that position.

Take a trip back to the Old West and personal historical journals to learn from their own words how those stalwart souls considered guns. Then sit in on conversations with modest folk as they speak of their Second Amendment rights.

Go to the Word of God to find the moral teaching on civilians defending themselves, their loved ones and their property.

With America in the midst of a cultural war against the Constitution, now is the time for this plain-spoken, easy to read work

Is there an Anti-Christ? And what is a Matchmaker for Murder? And how does Botswana and Southern Africa figure into the al Qaeda terrorism plan? Jake Crabtree and his team of operatives with Zulu-Solutions finds itself covering a lot more territory than normal as they work in Pennsylvania, Israel, Zurich and Botswana in this thriller of both religious intrigue and the constant battle against world terrorism.

That's enough for one man, certainly, but then romance comes edging onto the scene. Jake and Larry have thus far kept their personal lives out of the series when it comes to women. Now the beautiful Hanita Sackett sets her sights on Jake. He seems alright with that - up to a point. Until he heads to Africa.

The series that sets a high standard for intrigue, "what-if" somebody decided to take the war on terrorism to the terrorists, and a value-system that applauds courage, morality, heroism,and a stand for Israel's survival and prosperity without being preachy or lecturing.

Bad guys that are believable, patriots who don't feel a need to apologize and a host of characters that will make you proud or furious, depending on which page you're on.

This sixth in a series of novels that began soon after 9/11 with the goal of applauding the men and women who serve freedom's cause unheralded has become a set of tense, sometimes gritty, and always fresh and captivating tales of valor.

If you like Clancey, Rosenberg, Jenkins, and others, then this book is for you. Plan on losing some sleep.

Raquel Linden was a real terror queen. Now her half-sister, another of Osama’s daughters, is striking at America’s heartland.

Killing Coyotes will take you from Pakistan to Patterson in another exciting adventure for Jake Crabtree and his Solutions.com team. The old characters are back and - fasten your seat belt – there’s some new people that will keep you awake far beyond your bedtime.

Jake’s special friend, Hanita Sackett is in Haifa with Yossi. Sheriff Vernon is battling meth labs and illegals. Coyotes are hauling not just Mexicans, but Hezbollah terrorists into the middle of America.

Elvis has some new toys that will amaze you. Speaking of amazing – wait until you read about his Midwestern introduction.

The Jake Crabtree thrillers are written to entertain, but that is just the beginning. There is enough fiction to float the hard facts of life about terrorism – home grown and otherwise. The plot is ripped from the headlines. The people – heroes and villains – are more than believable. The places are ones you have read about, perhaps visited, and that play a part in not just current events but the Biblical End Times.

And, yes, there is humor in this book, too. We know the folks who fight the battle to secure America. Their strengths, their challenges, and their sometimes wacky sense of humor. You’ll fall in love with some of them and wake up in a sweat, wondering if this is the day you will meet some you’d rather not get to know.

Each of our novels stand on their own. In other words you don’t need to read the complete series in order to enjoy them. We know, though, that if you read just one, you’ll be hooked. We repeatedly hear “When is Oleg coming out again?” or “We want another novel, and we want it soon!” (grin)

That, of course is exactly what an author loves.

One more thought. This is the first of our series to be available ONLY ON KINDLE! BUT WAIT! You don’t need a Kindle reader. A computer, a tablet, even a Smartphone, and of course the Amazon Kindle all enable you to get this great book.

We’ve reduced the prices of all our novels TO $2.99 each. These are tough times, and we want to do our part to help folks get great stories at prices that they can afford. Enjoy!

If you have enjoyed our books, then we ask that you go to Amazon’s page for each book and take the time to write a brief review. It will help immensely.

(Years ago, Wanda and I decided that all income from our book sales would go to help deter the cost of our work, so we truly appreciate your support.)

  by Ernie & Wanda Moore


 A continuation of Prequel, One Time Messengers is the story of one of the (fictional) many children of Osama Bin Laden. Born in the United  States to a beautiful mother who raised her in luxury and trained her to adore her terrorist father, Raquel Linden received a mysterious message  from her father.

 He was sending her messages by men who would recite his words to her, and then she was to murder them. One Time, meaning exactly that –  once the message was received there could be no one to repeat the tale or the instructions.
 Raquel would then ignite the vicious terrorists plots which would explode literally in such places as a Florida theme park, the Seattle Space Needle, Giant Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania and as an ultimate terroristic plot, destroy school buses full of children.
You’ll meet the home grown terrorists as they pursue their evil deeds and see how a Secretary of State becomes an intended target to blackmail, a CIA chief nicknamed the Tortoise and a local homicide detective from Manassas, Virginia all get brought into the tale of murder and mayhem.

Back home in southern Illinois, Jake’s father, retired DIA agent and college professor is turned into a chief of the now-outside the DIA team of Jake and Larry. Blend in an Israeli Mossad Chief who takes no prisoners and just happens to be Jake’s uncle on his late mother’s side and you have characters rich in strength, intellect and danger.

Because of Jake and Larry’s involvement in that IDF squad action near Bet Shemesh they are chosen to head a real, and privately-owned terrorist fighting organization. Yossi Cumi, the head of Mossad has contacts who know how to pick the right people for the job. One of Yossi’s and Israel’s friends is dying of cancer but before he leaves, he transfers his immense wealth to the Solutions team. They are in the terrorist hunting business without financial cares.

These novels are not Pablum. They contain believable people, plots and peril both individually and for the nations of Israel and America.
If you are a patriot and a person who likes their stories fast paced without the filthy language so many authors seem to find necessary, then you will love the Jake Crabtree series.

One Time Messengers - Prequel

by Ernie & Wanda Moore


The year is 2002. Jake Crabtree and his partner Larry Fielding are agents for the Defense Intelligence Agency. While stationed in Israel they attend an IDF briefing Tiberias along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Offered a sightseeing tour they head toward the Lebanon border.

As they approach a lonely airstrip they spy an ultra-light aircraft with no one around. Jake heads for the area while Larry and the driver go around a hill to come up from a different direction. Jake is captured by a woman from Hezbollah. He draws and takes the terrorist down before she can kill him, then eventually Jake and Larry steal what is discovered to be the Syrian President’s personal little aircraft. In a hilarious chapter they end up flying it across the Sea of Galilee and to an Israel Air Force base. Thus begins a story that continues to the present.
After returning to their apartment in Jerusalem, the two men begin life-changing episodes including accompanying a squad of IDF soldiers who are hunting terrorists on a mountaintop near Bet Shemesh. It is there that intervening, unforeseen events change their lives forever.
Eventually the men are returned Stateside where they become involved with a plot hatched by the black, female National Security Advisor and the prickly Secretary of War (the President had the name changed from the Defense Department post-9/11).

You will recognize comparable personalities, though no characters are taken from actual people. All are the invention of the writers.
The Prequel and One Time Messengers are two parts of what was originally one novel. We split it in the re-write because we believed the original was too long. The Jake Crabtree series is now at the five book stage with more in the offing.

One of the great pleasures for us is to offer the readers of our novels accurate insights into not only Israel’s landscapes and cities, but the people of Israel as well. As you read our books you will come to know much more than a tourist trip can provide. You will walk the sidewalks and cobblestones of Jerusalem, see the Mediterranean from the place Herod build a port and the Apostle Paul spent two years as a prisoner. You’ll smell the scent of cooking shawarma, hear the traffic horns blaring and feel the sun cook your back as you walk the land.
Our love of Israel and her people comes through in our books, as we share insights, adventures and personalities of the land.

FINALLY, we hope you will make good adventure reading a part of your life by getting our books for your Kindle reading apps. The stories all stand alone, so you can start at any book and go to forward or back in time. Also remember that these are books you won’t have to keep from the kids. They are not children’s books, but should they find your Jake Crabtree books you won’t have to explain away words or ideas that conflict with family values.

Enjoy yourself as you share our tales and come to love our characters.
Ernie & Wanda Moore

The El Agha Conspiracy

 by Ernie & Wanda Moore


 Moving back to Israel, the Solutions team has a new airplane and a new adventure. This time the target is Jake’s Uncle Yossi Cumi, head of the  Israeli Mossad. A Palestinian millionaire erroneously comes to believe that Cumi has caused the death of his secret son.

 He hires a hit team direct from a Hezbollah training camp in Lebanon. Jake, Larry, and a new heroine, Hanita Sackett are fighting to protect their  friend as the terrorist world in Israel works to take him out.

 You will visit Gordon’s Tomb, a wonderful south-Jerusalem neighborhood, Yossi’s beautiful retreat in the hills near the Sea of Galilee and the port  city Herod the Great made famous, Caesarea Maritima. On the hot and muggier side of the country is Netanya and south Tel Aviv.

Terrorist Babe!

by Ernie and Wanda Moore

As I guess you can figure by now, Raquel Linden did not perish in One Time Messengers. In fact she escaped from her Fredericksburg, Virginia hideaway. First traveling to Arizona, then to Key West, Florida with a cohort who helped her with weapons, explosives and a timely tip, she ends up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Jake, Larry, Harold and their team have established their headquarters in Elizabethtown. Raquel has imported a female al Qaeda sniper. Osama has also formed teams of high quality snipers to begin killing America’s leaders. The two groups combine forces and the game is on.
In the first two novels, they hunt Raquel. Now in Terrorist Babe she is hunting them.

Placed in the hills and cities of the Susquehanna Valley, the quiet little capital city area is now lit up with bad guys (gals?), and the team that is out to get them.

This novel has some of your favorite characters back with a host of new faces; both good guys and bad.

Traveling Israel With Your Bible


 The most difficult objectives to overcome when we ask clergy to lead their congregation to the Holy Land are the fear of failure, and the fear of  seeming inexperienced and untaught to their family, friends and congregation, while in the Holy Land. Dr. Ernie Moore’s book, Traveling Israel  With Your Bible, is the perfect solution to these fears. Dr. Moore has written this book with a keen sense of understanding the needs of both  the Christian traveler, and the Tour Host; while they prepare to go – and while they are in – the Promised Land. He answers the basic practical  questions of what to expect at the airports, the hotels, and the sights. Traveling Israel With Your Bible has depth of knowledge about the  geography and the people, their history, and their current state of affairs regarding touring. Perhaps more importantly for the Christian pilgrim,  the book weaves in the Scriptural events for virtually every sight the traveler will visit, as well as some they may never see. The book gives a  full explanation of each locale and its references from the Bible. More than that, however, it is done chronologically. A traveler can actually read  in his morning devotions about the day’s touring locations and their history. Since the book is written based on first hand experience, Dr. Moore  is able to assist each minister by giving the recent history of many places and what to expect at each sight. Additionally, the “Spiritual Leader”  suggestions and the “Reader” selections will make it much easier for both the Leader and the members of the group to glean the most from  each spot. Traveling Israel With Your Bible is easy to use as it gives the reader many places for comments and recording of photographs taken throughout the trip. It is obvious that as you read this guide you will only conclude that this book has been written out of love for the state of Israel and the rest of the Holy Lands. After more than 31 years of sending fellow Christians to the Holy Land I am proud to see the wonderful work that Dr. Moore has produced, and to see the effect that tours to the Holy Land has on ministers and their congregations. It has been said that “a trip to the Holy Land is worth more than a year in a Seminary.” Indeed, Dr. Ernie Moore has proven that and more! Everyone traveling to the Holy Lands should have this book!

Nick Mancino, President Journeys Unlimited


Latest Releases



When Jake Crabtree and a civilian friend agree to

to with a man to Syria to rescue an SAS

soldier, they have no idea what they are in for.

The Stranger is that and more. 



The Latest in the Jake Crabtree Series

Imagine that the government is pressuring you with threats to hobble your company, send the IRS to investigate you, and even try to take you down. That’s Jake and Harold’s challenge when the White House wants a favor. Then Yuri Agron, the head of Israel’s Mossad rides to the rescue. Well, sort of. Outlandish? Perhaps in a different time, but today it is as real as the news.

Adventure, plots within plots, blood and fellowship. And what generals?





Ride with the latest western hero – Morgan Steele. He’s long finished with the Civil War, is now in Montana and Going Home. Adventure in the L’Amour kind of stalwart who faces danger all along the way, and more when he returns to his Southern Illinois roots.




Jake Crabtree is back in Israel. This time he is surrounded by a Solutions security team and one from Mossad. And no undercover. He's out in the open at the behest of the new Office Director. Even that won't keep him out of danger. First at home and then in The Land. 



With gun-grabbers attempting to take the moral high ground in the debate over gun control, this work presents both historical and biblical evidence that denies them that position.


Great adventure novels with heroes you can believe in! All novels now on Amazon Kindle Readers!!

The Matchmaker

Number 6 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

The Adventure continues with Jake Crabtree and his crew. This time the travel includes southern Africa and another of Osama's offspring.

Killing Coyotes

Number 5 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

You will laugh and and then tense up as Jake and Company head to Illinois for yet another battle with a different daughter. This one is intent on blowing up a major city, and has the ability.

One Time Messengers

Number 2 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Solutions.com is getting set up, and after Osama's US-born terrorist daughter. Up close and personal in ways you won't believe. Fasten your seat belt.

One Time Messenger, The Prequel

#1 - The Book that Began it all
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Two DIA agents in Israel start off by stealing the Syrian President's ultra-light airplane and then top that by returning to the States. They go to work for the SecDef ( a great one) and end up really in the hunt. You will see how realistic fiction is done.

The El Agha Conspiracy

Book 4 in the Series
by Ernie& Wanda Moore

Back to Israel, the Head of Mossad has had a contract put out on him, and Jake is in the middle of it. And then there's Hanita.

Traveling Israel
With Your Bible

Whether your going on a tour of staying home, this is the book for Israel lovers.

by Ernie Moore


Terrorist Babe!

Book 3 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Raquel Linden is the Terrorist Babe. Her reign of terror has demolished great chunks of America. Now she's hunting the men who have frustrated her in the past. Home Grown Terrorists were a joke when this book was written. Not any more.