Owner of the Barnabus Broadcasting Network and Israel Bureau Chief, a Fox Radio contributor, novelist and lecturer, Dr. Ernie Moore knows the Middle East's intrigues, personalities and passions. 

With a resume that includes Outdoor Life Magazine, Yedioth Ahronoth's Ynetnews.com, the Jerusalem Post and numerous US newspapers. His lively articles and commentary draws readers from some unlikely spots including Iran and 49 other nations. Not just what's happening, but the why and what's going on behind the scenes are Ernie's forte.

Ernie's off-beat sense of humor and rich expertise entertains, informs and packs a punch.

Ernie has hosted travelers in Israel for decades.

If you would like to travel Israel, he's your man. Organizing and even personally traveling with some groups, you can depend on his expertise and his team of travel experts for your thrilling group tour.

You can contact Dr. Moore at ernmoore@barnabuspress.com. Over thirty years of arranging, hosting and leading Israel tours gives him a unique perspective of all that makes for an exciting and informative trip. You will be blessed!

His Bible-based book Traveling Israel with Your Bible is a best seller, even among professional Israeli tour guides. Order it now by clicking on the photo to the right of our home page.


Ernie's adventure novels present a team of men and women combating terrorism in the United States and the Middle East. The series currently includes six thrilling novels. Starring fictional Jake Crabtree, set in Israel and featuring  Larry Fielding, his old DIA partner, Jake's father Harold, Mossad operatives, a Messianic Rebbe and a field of villians that will have you gritting your teeth! It's a blend of action, humor and reality that strikes almost too close for comfort. 

The books present heroes as modern as today with those "John Wayne" virtues, plus a heart for defeating terrorism in any form. That makes for great reads. These books will keep you up way past bedtime! Order them right now at BarnabusBooks.com.

With a background in military intelligence, Ernie knows that community, military thinking and political intrigue. His stories are as real as today. His villains are gritty and evil. His heroes will have you pulling for them throughout the book.

A former member of the Congressional Advisory Board, Ernie holds two earned Doctor's Degrees and recognition in numerous "Who's Who" publications, including Who's Who in America. He is a professional photographer with credits including the Jerusalem Post. He's produced a book and films about traveling Israel. His photograps will bless your heart with their rich feeling for his subjects.

Dr. Moore served with Military Intelligence in South Viet Nam from 1965-1967. A life member of the National Rifle Association, he's listed on that organization's "American Hero Honor Roll" at the National Firearm's Museum in Washington, DC.

Ernie divides his time between Israel and America where he speaks before groups in both nations on politics, war, tourism and Bible prophecy.

Asked why he keeps so busy, Ernie states, "School's never out for the professional. That's why my life of writing, learning and teaching is so full and fulfilling," 

You can find all the books published by Dr. Ernie Moore by going to Amazon and searching for Author Ernie Moore.

Latest Releases



When Jake Crabtree and a civilian friend agree to

to with a man to Syria to rescue an SAS

soldier, they have no idea what they are in for.

The Stranger is that and more. 



The Latest in the Jake Crabtree Series

Imagine that the government is pressuring you with threats to hobble your company, send the IRS to investigate you, and even try to take you down. That’s Jake and Harold’s challenge when the White House wants a favor. Then Yuri Agron, the head of Israel’s Mossad rides to the rescue. Well, sort of. Outlandish? Perhaps in a different time, but today it is as real as the news.

Adventure, plots within plots, blood and fellowship. And what generals?





Ride with the latest western hero – Morgan Steele. He’s long finished with the Civil War, is now in Montana and Going Home. Adventure in the L’Amour kind of stalwart who faces danger all along the way, and more when he returns to his Southern Illinois roots.




Jake Crabtree is back in Israel. This time he is surrounded by a Solutions security team and one from Mossad. And no undercover. He's out in the open at the behest of the new Office Director. Even that won't keep him out of danger. First at home and then in The Land. 



With gun-grabbers attempting to take the moral high ground in the debate over gun control, this work presents both historical and biblical evidence that denies them that position.


Great adventure novels with heroes you can believe in! All novels now on Amazon Kindle Readers!!

The Matchmaker

Number 6 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

The Adventure continues with Jake Crabtree and his crew. This time the travel includes southern Africa and another of Osama's offspring.

Killing Coyotes

Number 5 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

You will laugh and and then tense up as Jake and Company head to Illinois for yet another battle with a different daughter. This one is intent on blowing up a major city, and has the ability.

One Time Messengers

Number 2 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Solutions.com is getting set up, and after Osama's US-born terrorist daughter. Up close and personal in ways you won't believe. Fasten your seat belt.

One Time Messenger, The Prequel

#1 - The Book that Began it all
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Two DIA agents in Israel start off by stealing the Syrian President's ultra-light airplane and then top that by returning to the States. They go to work for the SecDef ( a great one) and end up really in the hunt. You will see how realistic fiction is done.

The El Agha Conspiracy

Book 4 in the Series
by Ernie& Wanda Moore

Back to Israel, the Head of Mossad has had a contract put out on him, and Jake is in the middle of it. And then there's Hanita.

Traveling Israel
With Your Bible

Whether your going on a tour of staying home, this is the book for Israel lovers.

by Ernie Moore


Terrorist Babe!

Book 3 in the Series
by Ernie & Wanda Moore

Raquel Linden is the Terrorist Babe. Her reign of terror has demolished great chunks of America. Now she's hunting the men who have frustrated her in the past. Home Grown Terrorists were a joke when this book was written. Not any more.